Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading

Earthquake induced ground liquefaction can result in significant deformations at the surface - in some cases enough to topple large buildings.

Lateral spreading resulting from liquefaction can also cause catastrophic damage affecting large areas.

For specialists in liquefaction and lateral spreading see LDE for:

  • Site liquefaction potential
  • Identification of layers prone to liquefaction
  • Quantification of the magnitude of surface settlement
  • Quantification of differential settlement potential
  • Structural deformation potential
  • Magnitudes of lateral spreading potential across the site
  • Surface deformation potential
  • Design advice to minimise the risk of building deformation associated with lateral spreading
  • Lateral spreading remediation

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LDE is playing a major role in the understanding of liquefaction and lateral spreading in Christchurch, providing exclusive mapping and geological services to CERA, EQC, and Christchurch City Council.

More specifically:

  • Christchurch CBD Geological Modelling for CERA.
  • Christchurch Geological Modelling of Residential Areas for EQC.
  • Mapping the extent of Lateral Spreading in Christchurch for Earthquake Commission.
  • Christchurch Land Damage Assessments for the EQC.
  • Geotechnical Assessments of Christchurch City Council Buildings.

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