Engineering Geology

Our engineering geologists are experts in working out what lies beneath the ground, and in 3D too.

We are nationally sought-after leaders and the turn to people for engineering geology in complex sites, particularly in Northland and the East Coast. We have the geologists and we know our country.

Slope instability and stabilisation specialists

We excel in understanding the nature and causes of slope instability and offering practical remedial solutions. From small slips to major large-scale deep-seated landslides, we determine what makes them tick with surprising accuracy. We’ll identify, map and quantify geological risks, including active
faultlines, so you can plan with confidence.

Intelligent investigations

Getting the geology right for your project is essential for efficient design and long-term performance.
We can help you with your geology jobs from identifying the ground they stand on, to designing specialised earthworks and landfill solutions for your future buildings.

Get your site right with:

  • Desktop studies
  • Aerial photograph interpretation
  • GIS natural hazard mapping
  • Detailed site investigations
  • CPT and borehole investigations
  • Geophysics
  • Hillside stability assessments
  • Landslide investigations and stabilisation
  • Soil and rock slope design
  • Hillside road alignment design
  • Cuts and fills in difficult hillside terrain
  • Identifying and investigating active fault lines
  • Landfill site selection and assessments
  • Expert witness for council, District Court and Environmental Court hearings
  • Peer review
  • Pre-purchase assessments
  • Quarry design
  • Groundwater and aquifer analysis
  • Ground subsidence assessment and remediation
  • Tunnel investigations and feasibility reports
  • Dam site investigation and design
  • Pond siting and investigation
  • Site monitoring
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Project Experience

Anaura Road Landslide

Location: Anaura Bay
Client: Tairawhiti Roads (NZTA/GDC)
We determined the engineering geology of two large deep seated landslides severing the road. We also mapped out a 2km road alignment around the coastal landslides through steep and challenging terrain.

Nuhaka River Road Landslide

Location: Nuhaka, Wairoa
Client: Wairoa District Council
We assessed the giant 2km long, 800m wide, 50m deep landslide severing Nuhaka River and Mangone Roads. Work included options to realign roads over and around the landslide.

Fulton Hogan Quarry assessments

Location: Gisborne
Client: Fulton Hogan
The potential for establishing new quarries at various sites has been undertaken for four sites. Work included determining the nature and extent of the resource.

Gisborne Liquefaction Map

Location: Gisborne
Client: GDC/T&T
We provided technical input into a map of liquefaction potential for Gisborne and Poverty Bay Flats.

Christchurch Lateral spread mapping

Location: Christchurch
Client: EQC
LDE was solely responsible for mapping the lateral deformation of the entire Christchurch and Kaiapoi areas following the February 2011 earthquakes.

Geological modelling of Christchurch CBD

Location: Christchurch
Client: CERA
LDE was solely responsible for the geological modelling of the Christchurch CBD.

Geological modelling of Christchurch suburbs affected by liquefaction

Location: Christchurch and Kaiapoi
Client: EQC/Tonkin & Taylor
LDE was solely responsible for geological modelling of affected suburbs.

Hihitahi Rise Landslide

Location: Bay of Islands
Client: FNDC
Geotechnical investigation, monitoring and design of solutions for this large scale deep seated landslide.

Gisborne Water Supply Pipeline Break

Location: Tarewa Road, Gisborne
Client: GDC
LDE assessed the extent of a 70m wide defect controlled landslide induced by high winds causing critical failure of the city water supply pipeline.

Project Central Wind Investigations

Location: Taihape
Client: Meridian Energy
We undertook geotechnical investigations for the windfarm, including a large switchyard site and connecting pylon foundations.

Maungaharuru Windfarm

Location: Te Pohue, Hawkes Bay
Client: Meridian Energy
Investigation of 43 turbine windfarm site underlain by faulted limestone stratigraphy, surrounded by large scale, deep seated landslides.

Waingaki Water Supply Pipeline Hazard Assessment

Location: Waingaki, Gisborne
Client: GDC
LDE has assessed and GIS mapped the hazards and risks presented to 20km of Gisborne’s water supply pipeline.

Pukeiti Realignment Peer Review

Location: Pukeiti, Tokomaru Bay, East Cape
Client: Tairawhiti Roads (NZTA/GDC)
Peer review and technical inputs into stabilisation of significant slope failures within 600m long 40m high road cut slope.

Erepiti Landslide

Location: Ereptiti, Ruakaturi, Wairoa
Client: Wairoa District Council
Engineering geological assessment of 380m long 170m wide landslide and realignment design.

Tauwhareparae Rd Landslide

Location: Tauwhareparae, Gisborne
Client: Tairawhiti Roads (NZTA/GDC)